So you wish to try Aikido!

Congratulations on an excellent choice that would hopefully become a personal journey!

Here are a couple of resources if you wish to start practicing Aikido. I recommend visiting your local Dojos and respectfully observing practice, then even taking one or two classes. Each Teacher is different, and it may take you a while to find the one you feel most comfortable with. However, this does not happen overnight. Commit yourself to at least one month of practice, feel for yourself what Aikido is and what it can be for you – at the stage in life that you are at.

Like any Martial Arts, Aikido takes practice and a certain level of commitment, but over time, the rewards are plenty. You will make new friends, learn a great deal about yourself, and you will become stronger and more centered – mentally and physically. I wish you a wonderful journey as you embark in the practice of the Art of Peace.

Bogdan Heretoiu, Executive Producer

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Search for a Local Aikido Dojo – Courtesy of AikiWeb:

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