Our Indigogo fundraising campaign has started. Please follow the link to read all about the project’s status and the perks offered to the donors. Your contributions – large or small – will get this project closer to reaching its goal, which is to bring Aikido’s principles of peacemaking and conflict resolution to as many people as possible, all around the world. I am honored to contribute to the amazing effort that has already been done for decades by incredible Aikido teachers in Dojos worldwide. Your help is needed and will become a part of Aikido history. Thank you for your support and for helping in spreading the word about this important project.

Click to help! Our Indigogo Fundraiser Campaign will help us reach countless teachers, students , and parents.

Living Aikido Life is a project about human relationships, respect, love, and peacemaking. Please help us grow and reach as many people as possible by contributing to our fundraiser!