Greetings Aikido Teachers and Students across the world,

Living Aikido Life is a project dedicated to connecting local Aikido Dojos with educators and parents from K-12 Public Schools in their community, with the intention to explore Aikido’s fundamental principle of conflict resolution based on mutual respect.

The film and overall project provides exceptional knowledge in how Aikido’s principles can be applied in our daily lives, regardless of being a Martial Artist or not.

In the spirit of Aikido’s Shiho-Nage, the project is 4-fold and intended to benefit as many people as possible:

1. The content provided is an invaluable learning experience for any student of Aikido. Dojo owners/managers/head instructors can choose to purchase and offer a copy of the film to their students as a gift, or, students themselves can place a group order.

Additionally, Dojos can choose to sell copies of the DVDs for the purpose of Dojo-related fundraisers (mats replacements, creating a fund for repairs, scholarships funds – your choice, as needed). This is an exclusive and heavily discounted rate, not available to the general public.

2. We provide local Dojos with a Screening License allowing them to show the film as an introduction to Aikido when promoting their classes during special events, fundraisers, etc.

3. Your order gives you the option to nominate a local K-12 Public School to receive FREE online access to the full length documentary + all of Living Aikido Life’s Vault – an invaluable collection of instructional materials regarding Aikido’s applicability in daily life and off the mat. You provide a teacher’s/counselor’s/Principal’s name and email – and we will contact them and send them credentials to access our online learning community (lessons will be organized on a module basis, easy to integrate into a lesson plan or student project – teachers will LOVE IT!). The School will receive a Screening License as well (limited to School body of students, teachers, and administrators).

4. Your Dojo and all of your Dojo Members (just as the K-12 Public School nominated by you after placing an order), will receive full access to a private online and interactive community where we continuously add hours of fantastic educational content. This online community is at the core of our ideal and project; a bridge of learning and exploration between the Aikido community and public school students and teachers across the world.

Please feel free to connect and ask any questions you may have about the project, our goals, and the many ways we can partner together for the mutual benefit of everyone. Thank You!

To place a Dojo order (10+ DVDs), please visit our exclusive Dojo Store:

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Respectfully Yours,

Bogdan Heretoiu – Executive Producer
Living Aikido Life | Arts4Hope, LLC