Living Aikido Life: Conflict as Classroom

Everyday, we encounter conflicts affecting our lives… “Traffic too slow..” “Workload too much..” “Backaches..” “Teenagers…” Money..”


You’ve experienced it all; or at least some.

And it keeps coming. Everyday. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.


Enter Living Aikido Life and its Vault of personal stories and profound insight on how to navigate and negotiate daily conflicts!

If you encounter daily conflicts, Living Aikido Life Vault access will prove to be one of the best $12 investments of your life, offering an almost tangible experience of mentorship in peaceful conflict resolution.

Subscribe for yourself and gift it to someone you care about. You can even gift it to your enemies; after all, one of Aikido’s principles is to turn a foe into a friend!

See you on the inside of the Vault!

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