What is Living Aikido Life?

What is Living Aikido Life?
A documentary about a Martial Art? A collection of interviews about the Art of Peace? An essential learning tool for healing and peacemaking?
A possible roadmap for being a decent human being, living in a state of mutual respect with the rest of the world? A parenting treasure for those of us under the stress of raising children while having to maintain our center and composure?
An insight into history and tradition? An ambitious project to offer students around the world a window into a path of conflict resolution as they take on the world? A moment of meditation and contemplation?
105 minutes filled with “A_HA” moments? YES! All of that, and much, much more.
Living Aikido Life is a project build like a musical instrument; parts of it will resonate perfectly with who you are now. Parts of it will resonate with others. As you explore, you might change, and so will its meaning to the new you.
Living Aikido Life is a symphony of thoughts, gently guiding one’s mind into a journey of embodied power, softly playing the music of our dreams and hopes for a peaceful future.
When everything rushes madly between tasks and chores, this film slows down time, and invites into a world of introspection, personal growth, and transformation.
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Wonderful interviews with interesting senseis that have not been recognized previously. Powerful insight into the philosophy of Aikido and the importance of integrating Aikido into personal life.

by Cheryl Whitelaw on Living Aikido Life Documentary
Accessible Aikido

Thanks to Bogdan and everyone involved in producing the Living Aikido Life film. What I most appreciated in this production was how sensitively and clearly you captured the many perspectives of why aikido... view more

Aikido has potential to empower our lives

The film offers a profound look at the potential Aikido offers us to find a way to work with both internal and external conflict while showing there are ways to find a power that heals rather than harms... view more

by Michael Paynter, Shodan, LMFT, Ed.D. Candidate on Living Aikido Life Documentary
Brilliant film for relaying essential elements of a healthy school culture and climate via Aikido principles

As a therapist, teacher, educational administrator and aikido practitioner, I see the wonderful way in which all of these roles can view and appreciate Bogden Heretoiu’s film: Living Aikido Life.For... view more

by Róisín Pitman on Living Aikido Life Documentary
Excellent production

I have been an aikido student for over thirty-seven years and have seen many films on the art but none so profound as this offering from Bogdan.Insightful, emotional and raw, I was privileged to hear... view more

A gorgeous glimpse into Aikido

I began practicing Aikido a few months ago and, to my surprise, fell in love with it. This beautifully crafted film explains its appeal and its paradoxes: to do this martial art, one needs to remain relaxed... view more

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