Public Schools Initiative Invitation

I invite everyone – Martial Artists or not, but especially Aikido Chief-Instructors and Dojo-Cho to join me in a partnership which I hope will be beneficial to all.

Public School Initiative INVITE

Two years ago I embarked in the journey of producing a project titled “Living Aikido Life.” The project includes the release of a full length documentary about Aikido as a way of life and how it applies to our daily lives, and, it also include – in its first stage – an additional ten one-hour films featuring individual teachers, all sharing invaluable insight into our practice. The film will be released late-May or at the beginning of June 2017.

The project’s materials will be offered at no cost to Public Schools through a partnership between my company and local Dojos. The entirety of the archive being produced can also be used by Dojos to introduce Aikido to their communities as part of events they participate in.


Simply due to the nature of online communications, and for time efficiency, I prefer email. My email address is included on the invite, so please contact me directly for more information. I look forward to new and meaningful connections with everyone.

Sharing this online and offline is truly appreciated!!

Thank you!

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