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An invitation to learning the conflict resolution principles of Aikido for the well-being of everyone, regardless of cultural background, belief system, gender, or age.

why and how we do what we do

aikido: t o d a y

Aikido, or the Art of Peace, is now found around the world and has more than 2 million
practitioners worldwide, bringing together people of all ages, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds.

Aikido History

JAPAN 1868 – The Age of the Samurai was coming to an end after more than 200 years of turbulent governing history.

At the turn of that century, between late 1800 and early 1900, a student of Martial Arts was to become a legendary warrior. After seeing the destruction and suffering brought by conflict and war, he chose a path leading to Peace.

Our Vision

This is a community-driven project, and we hope to be a part of building relationships between local Dojos and local Public Schools. As you will see in the film, people do not need to step on a mat to begin exploring and applying the physiological components of Aikido.

In his wishes, Aikido’s founder expressed that the Art of Peace is accessible to everyone, regardless of their culture, age, or social status. In presenting Aikido’s principles through the use of operational language, anyone can begin practicing the functional, physiological building blocks of conflict resolution and peacemaking.

Purchase the film: Change Lives

With every order placed, you have the option to nominate a Public School (classroom, teacher, or counselor) and they will receive a FREE copy of the film.

By placing an order, you literally have the power to affect countless lives by offering young students an opportunity to discover the simple and effective ways to explore and apply the principles of Aikido in their daily lives.

The Vault

Living Aikido Life Project includes an exclusive and unique online learning community dedicated to Teachers, Students, Parents, and everyone interested and invested in the exploration and application of conflict resolution principles.

The VAULT is now OPEN!.

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Living Aikido Life VAULT is a membership-based online community intended exclusively as a bridge between Education and Aikido’s principle of Conflict Resolution. The VAULT will continuously expand in content, offering invaluable and practical insight into the physiology of peacemaking.

An excellent educational tool for teachers, counselors, and parents.

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